None other then 2-time NBA champion, Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat.

Inspired by rockers, like Marilyn Manson, Wade decided three years ago to paint his toe nails black. The NBA superstar, expressed his hesitation at first with the "unusual" move but then realized he didn't need to fit in and did not care what people would think of his black nails.

Since then Wade has sported the colored toe nails daily, even on vacations with other NBA superstars like Lebron James.

Over the weekend, Wade tweeted the above photo, of the newly painted toes, along with the message "Matte black paint… RockStar ish."

Twitter had strong opinions about the nails both negative and positive, yet many believe the possible message in this is for kids to express themselves without shame, as their role model does with his toenails.

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