WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Mitt Romney is promising that he will repeal the federal health care law the Supreme Court just upheld.

He called the decision incorrect and said Thursday that it is "bad law." He says it raises taxes and cuts Medicare.

Romney says that, if elected in November, he will work to repeal and replace the law. But he hasn't said precisely how.

As Massachusetts governor, Romney signed into law a measure that required all state residents to have health coverage. That notion was the cornerstone of the law enacted by President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats. The high court decided it was constitutional.

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4 thoughts on “Romney: Supreme Court Ruling on Health Law Wrong

  1. Della1 on said:

    President Obama 2012….I am so happy. I have insurance with my job and when I had to have emergency surgery two years ago, I thank my Lord while I was lying in my hospital bed that I have insurance and while I lied in my hospital bed I was praying that everyone in the united states have health insurance…………..

  2. Serpentine11 on said:

    “Romney says that, if elected in November, he will work to repeal and replace the law. But he hasn’t said precisely how.”

    He hasn’t said precisely how he would do ANYTHING if elected. He’s just waiting to see which way the wind will be blowing before he says anything of substance. other than that, he has President Obama on the brain!

  3. rhemasplace on said:

    Of course mitt has to say its wrong or else face the fact that the bill stems from his policies put in place while governor of Massachusetts. So actually it’s romneycare instead of Obamacare…to put it in layman’s terms.

  4. FTSMITH on said:

    Of course Mitt says that it is wrong, because he can’t use it to help his campaign. The law is helping the common Americans-something Mitt and company don’t like.

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