The Colored American Magazine was the first monthly publication targeting the African-American culture. Established in May 1900 by editor Pauline Hopkins, the Boston-born publication ran for nine years and was the first black paper to spread throughout the country. The Colored American Magazine was the place where accomplished blacks were celebrated in medicine, art, business, education and politics.

The Colored American also featured content that was specifically for women.  For instance, the publication discussed the dress of African-American women, stating that women should not be overly fashionable in their style of clothes.

The Colored American served as a model for black youth, inspiring them to strive for greatness, even if their dream was to be President of the United States. The main focus of the paper was set on the moral, social, and political elevation of the free colored people and the peaceful emancipation of slaves. The newspaper received help from African-American churches and local abolition societies by way of fund drives and donations. All of the money helped the paper to publish 38 articles.


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