My dad, Jerel Harris Sr. is the most loving, hard-working man i know. He works as a registered nurse in central georgia. he is very dedicated to his patients, and he makes sure they are well-taken care of. occasionally, we will see some of his patients around town, and they tell us how wonderful my dad is and how grateful they were when he was took care of them.  It makes me so proud to know that other people outside of my family appreciate my dad as much as i do.

My dad is not only dedicated to his work, but to his family as well. he is constantly making sure my two youngest brothers and I have everything we need and most of the things that we want. he has never missed a dance recital or football game.  He’s  a dedicated band parent, bringing water for the band students, and served as a football coach for my little brother’s team one year.

I am his only daughter and my daddy is really proud that i’ll be going to Howard University this summer.  He’s  been working his fingers to the bone to pay for tuition.

My dad loves to cook, and most of our father-daughter time is spent in the kitchen. My dad would love a grill.  He’s been talking about getting a grill for several years now, but hasn’t been able to afford a really nice one.  since my dad is always working hard to make sure everyone else is taken care of; i think it is time we return the favor.

Tom, it would mean a lot to my dad if he could receive a really nice grill to do what he does best this time of year – – cookout!



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