So, the big day is finally here: Doctor Day! Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day is becoming one of my favorite holidays … it certainly has surpassed Kwanzaa! I love it because it’s a holiday that truly makes a difference. Most holidays start out that way, but then they get bogged down with all kinds of stuff that have nothing to do with their original purpose. Doctor Day has not lost its focus. There’s no tree, no heavy meals, no piñatas, no cards; just making sure the people we love make an appointment to see the doctor. Granted, over the years we’ve added Doctor Day carols like “So Sick,” by Neo that classic “Dr. Feelgood” by the Queen of Soul, and this year, we had a parade — but other than that, we keep it simple. Just take someone you love to the doctor!

Even though we leave it up to you to decide what loved one you’ll take to the doctor, there’s no secret that it’s harder to get men to go the doctor than women. So, without changing the name, this year, we’ve really stressed the important role women play in getting their husbands, boyfriends, fathers and sons to go the doctor. I respect women so much for being on top of their annual check-ups, which is key to catching diseases and conditions early. The earlier they’re detected, the better your chance of getting cured or at least being able to manage whatever you may have.

We’ve asked the women to continue to encourage, urge, beg and, yes, nag the men that they love about going to the doctor, early and often if necessary. I love you, naggers! Keep it up!

And even though we already know it’s true, it can’t be said too often that the one thing most of us can do to jump start a healthier life is to get change some our lifestyle choices. That means we need to eat better and exercise more. If you haven’t joined Team Sybil for the 50 Million Pound Challenge, this is your day. It’s one positive step that can lead you on a journey to better health — and, yes, getting your sexy back.

A lot of us vowed to lose weight, eat better, join a gym, get a check up, get something removed — whatever — as part of our New Year’s resolutions. Now, three months down the road, most of us have reverted back to our old ways. It happens; don’t beat yourself up about it. How about this? Start today, right now, to make a change. This is the Easter season, and all around us, we’re reminded of renewal, new beginnings, resurrection — all very positive things that remind us that it’s time to do better. We know what to do. The key is not to stop once we start.

If you ever overhear people talking about getting married, sometimes they get caught up in the day and don’t even think about the long-term commitment they’re making. Same with starting a healthier lifestyle. Yes, Doctor Day is a great celebration, and we’re all hyped up about taking someone we love to get checked out. But it’s also a long-term commitment that takes work. It’s more than a one-day thing. If you take someone to the doctor, don’t forget about the follow-up visits and to encourage your loved one to put in the work it takes to keep a healthy lifestyle going.

Happy Doctor Day!

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