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Retha Jones

Retha Jones Retha Jones performs for the Tom Joyner Show audience.

Kim Coles

Kim Coles Kim keeps the crowd rolling as she vents about Black History Month and the Jackson family.

T Rex

T Rex T. Rex has the audience in tears as he talks about his grandmother’s “morning activities” and memory loss.

Mark Curry

Mark Curry Mark uses his comedic genius to explain the difference between the white mall and the black mall.

Tommy Davidson: part IV

Tommy Davidson: Part IV Tommy Davidson entertains a Sky Show audience with his rendition of Spanish television shows.

Tommy Davidson: part III

Tommy Davidson: Part III Tommy Davidson uses his comedic skills to explain “The Phantom Slap” and the difference when white women and black women discipline…

Tommy Davidson: part I

Tommy Davidson: (part I) Tommy Davidson kills the Sky Show crowd with his Al Green impression and reminiscences about old school toys.

Pierre at the Sky Show

Pierre Pierre talks to a Sky Show crowd about the comeback of the light-skinned brother, dating and infidelity.

Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas Chris vents to a Sky Show audience about his flight experience, relationships and performs a tribute to singer Ray Charles.

J Lamont

J. Lamont J.Lamont performs a musical medley from back in the day and talks about his love of old school music.

Gerald Kelly

Gerald Kelly Gerald gives a Sky Show audience his hilarious take on parenting and the difference between sons and daughters.

AJ Jamal

AJ Jamall AJ jokes about Mississippi tourist sites and the Sky Show audience.


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