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Mamas Gone Wild: Episode #80

Vegan Chef Ayinde talks to Nikki and Mary about how he uses food to educate, empower and entertain. For more information go to

Brenda Jackson’s 100th Book Celebration

Part 1: Sybil Wilkes talks with author Brenda Jackson about her 100th Book Celebration.  “A Madaris Bride for Christmas” is available now.     Find out more…

Deya Gets direct with Chef Jess

Deya Gets direct with Chef Jess: Get tips on how to cook healthy, in season and on budget for Thanksgiving. BONUS: Chef Jess gives us…

Mamas Gone Wild: Episode #79

Does your husband have a girlfriend?    Author Donna Bunch Coaxum tells Nikki and Mary why he should have one and why it should be you…


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