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Mamas Gone Wild: Episode #85

Part 1: CEO of CURLS Professional Mahisha Dellinger talks business and natural hair with Nikki and Mary in Mamas Gone Wild #85.  For more info…

Mamas Gone Wild: Episode #84

Nikki Woods talks to “Happy Wives Club” author Fawn Weaver about how she turned loving her husband into a successful franchise.  She shares her message…

Mamas Gone Wild: Episode #83

How do you get back on track when life throws you off? Super Trainer Concita Bohaner-Thomas shares some tips with Nikki and Mary in Mamas…

Mamas Gone Wild: Episode #82

It’s time to get financially fit! Mamas Gone Wild Mary Boyce gets tips from Dr. Deena Carr in episode #82   For more info go…

Mamas Gone Wild: Episode #81

In episode #81 Dr. Lawana Gladney takes Nikki and Mary on a quick tour of her new book, “If You Are in the Driver’s Seat,…

Mamas Gone Wild: Episode #80

Vegan Chef Ayinde talks to Nikki and Mary about how he uses food to educate, empower and entertain. For more information go to

Mamas Gone Wild: Episode #79

Does your husband have a girlfriend?    Author Donna Bunch Coaxum tells Nikki and Mary why he should have one and why it should be you…

Mamas Gone Wild: Episode #78

Author of “Lady Preacher,” Pastor Brenda Carradine has a spirit- filled conversation with Nikki and Mary about  pastors’ wives, PK’s and female preachers in Mamas…

Mamas Gone Wild: Episode #77

The 5 Rs of Damage Control can get “The Preachers of L.A.” and your brand out of trouble. PR Specialist Robin M. Ware talks to…

Mamas Gone Wild: Episode #29

These are not your grandmother’s biceps …Nikki and Mary talk to a 75-year-old body builder in Mamas Gone Wild episode #29

Mamas Gone Wild: Episode #49

Ever gotten close to your breaking point?  Dr. Tanya Douglas-Holland tells Nikki and Mary her story of coming back from a mental breakdown and the…

Mamas Gone Wild: Episode #76

Former “Wire” star has flipped the script.  Tray Chaney (Poot) talks to Nikki and Mary about his new anti bullying campaign in Mamas Gone Wild…


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