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3 Categories of Hair Care Regimens

Many of us grew up getting our hair pressed or chemically relaxed.  These methods allowed the hair to become more manageable during the hair care…

Should My Natural Hair Feel Dry?

Should your natural hair feel dry? Yes and No. Over the past few weeks I’ve received numerous ASK COLE questions relating to “dry hair”. But…

What Exactly is Gray Hair?

Gray hair typically reminds us of older people such as: grandparents, aunties, uncles, and probably your parents. But last year in 2015 there was no…

7 Tips for Hair Growth

In the beginning of your natural hair journey the #1 goal is to grow long hair. At one point everyone on YouTube was talking about…

6 Gray Hair Truths Revealed

For many men and women, our hair is a pain point when it comes to vanity. It can really make or break how you feel…

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