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Forget About Rachel, The NAACP Has More Important Things Going On

Dear Rachel Dolezar: Here’s why I’m not going to let you and the media distract me from all the important issues Black America is facing…

Sybil Wilkes

In A Medical Crisis, Knowing the Right Questions to Ask Is Key

My cousin Robyn is a beautiful young girl on the verge of womanhood, with a quirky sense of humor, a curious mind and a sweetness…

Don Lemon

Don Lemon: If Anyone Can Use The N-Word It’s The President

Michael Cottman

Georgia Model Home Shooting Raises More Questions Than It Answers

Some folks probably shouldn’t carry guns – even trained law enforcement officers like Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill,who is under investigation after saying he accidentally…

3 Ways To Make a Man Feel Special & Show Him That You Are

Deya Directive: Show Up

When it comes to your friendships, what kind of girlfriend “show” are you having? Here are some tips to remember when nurturing, maintaining and even…

Nikki Woods

Nikki Woods With Niya Brown Matthews About Finding the Boss in You

Author, motivational speaker and North Carolina native, Niya Brown Matthews wrote “The Boss In You”  to empower and educate women and young girls (especially Blacks) on how to overcome their life obstacles, personal setbacks…