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Now That We Have Power, What Are We Going To Do With It?

There are some big problems going on in the country right now and we have the power to fix them. Gun violence, police brutality, and high…

Sybil Wilkes

MAYA ANGELOU: The People’s Poet [PART ONE]

The People’s Poet will be the first feature documentary to tell the full story of the incomparable Maya Angelou. The film will include appearances by…

Don Lemon

Don Lemon: Are You Ready For President Trump?

Michael Cottman

Can Donald Trump Win The White House Without Black Support?

“African-Americans want jobs” – Donald Trump Donald Trump, the reality-television-star-turned-presumptive-Republican presidential nominee, has barely mentioned Black people during his bizarre 11-month bid for the White…

3 Ways To Make a Man Feel Special & Show Him That You Are

Soft Power: Deya Direct, Denise Boutte and Bern Nadette Stanis Talk Women and Relationships

Deya Direct has an upcoming book dedicated to helping women tap into their ‘soft power’ in relationships. Aboard this year’s Fantastic Voyage, she, along with…

Nikki Woods

FAITHING IT: Cora Jakes Coleman Gives Tools on Bringing Purpose Back to Your Life

Living through the pain of heartbreak, infertility and a near-death accident would be a struggle for anyone.  It is perhaps even more difficult when you…