Mike Tyson Talks Maturity & Sobriety With Earl Sweatshirt Sony Warned Not To Cast Denzel Washington Due To “Racist” International Audiences
Report: Rihanna’s Drunken Father Ronald Fenty Thrown Out of Her Diamond Ball
Nicki Minaj Smashes Billboard Record for Female Rap with ‘Only’
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Celebs Who Rock or Rocked Dreadlocks
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Can You Believe These Stars Are The Same Age?
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Oh Baby! Moms Who Showed Off Their Baby Bumps On Social Media
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Today's Little Known Black History Fact

Little Known Black History Fact: Charles Austin
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The Obamas Reveal Personal Struggles With Racism In America Chicago Mayor Unveils ‘Road Map’ To Combat Violence
Feds Sue N.Y.C. Over Rikers Island Jail Violence
Man Fakes Heart Attack At Local Walmart While Friend Leaves With Cartload Of Toys
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Don Lemon: Did Sony Surrender Our Freedom To The Enemy?

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What Does Ending The Cold War With Cuba Mean For Afro-Cubans And African Americans Obama Launches Task Force To Examine Police-Community Relations
Penn State’s Sandusky Won’t Get His Pension Back
Bondage ‘Master’ Convicted In Plot To Kill Wife
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Mom-Fluential Moments: How To Trick Your Friends Into Decorating Your Christmas Tree

One of the best parts about Christmastime is decorating the tree. But that can be such a pain to do by yourself. A great way to get…

Q&A: What Happens If Sleep Apnea Is Left Untreated?

Q: What happens if sleep apnea is left undiagnosed or untreated? – Myles E.  Sign Up for the Black Doctor Newsletter!   A: Sleep apnea…

Can Eating Too Much Fruit Make You Fat?
Oops! Oh My: 5 Reasons Every Woman Should Masturbate
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Bill Cosby Checks Michael Eric Dyson On Black Media Comments [VIDEO]

Here’s the latest from the Bill Cosby camp. The embattled comic’s attorney, John P. Schmitt has released a statement that we assume is intended to…



Gold Medalist Michael Phelps Pleads Guilty to DUI

BALTIMORE (AP) — Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps pleaded guilty to drunken driving on Friday, almost three months after he was arrested after leaving…

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Deya Direct

It’s the end of 2014 and 2015 is just around the corner. I’m excited and ready for a number of reasons. Are you? Might as…

Michael H. Cottman, BlackAmericaWeb.com
Michael H. Cottman, BlackAmericaWeb.com
COMMENTARY: Cosby Owes Black Media The Truth

After getting pummeled by the mainstreamed media over the scandalous sexual assault allegations against him, Bill Cosby is hoping the black media will offer impartial…

Michael H. Cottman, BlackAmericaWeb.com
Michael H. Cottman, BlackAmericaWeb.com
Will There Be Justice For Tamir Rice?

Will the family of 12-year-old Tamir Rice get justice? Sadly, I’m not confident that a grand jury will indict Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann, although I do…

Don Lemon
Don Lemon
Don Lemon: There’s Nothing Fiercer Than A Woman Fighting For Her Children

  Ten mothers who belong to a club no mother wants to be a member of took their stories of heartbreak to Washington DC yesterday.…

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A Holiday Performance from J. Moss

J. Moss performs “You Make Me Feel” in the Tom Joyner Morning Show Studios.


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Comedian Reese Waters On Why He Ended His Relationship; Upcoming Show At Arlington Improv

  Comedian Reese Waters stopped by the Tom Joyner Morning Show to talk about his upcoming show at the Arlington Improv in Arlington, Texas and…

‘Divine 9′ Author Talks Boycotting ‘Sorority Sisters’ & Advertisers Who Support

  Jacque Reid talks to ‘Divine 9′ author Lawrence Ross and member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. about the backlash of ‘Sorority Sisters’ and…

HUGGY LOWDOWN: Sony Pictures YOU Are The Bamma Of The Week!
SYBIL’S NEWS: NC Lynching Declared Suicide, Stevie Wonder Welcomes 9th Child, Byron Pitts New Host Of ‘Nightline’
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