Dwyane Wade Fined $15K for Flipping Off Fans Who Made Nasty Comments About His Wife 2 Chainz For Mayor?
Taraji P. Henson Plays Charades with Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]
Oscar Nominee Apologizes For Calling Black People ‘Colored’
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Prenups of the Rich & Famous
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Celebrities Who Were Betrayed By Their Spouses
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Who’s The Next Denzel?
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Today's Little Known Black History Fact

Little Known Black History Fact: Angela Davis
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Report: Black Workers with Advanced Degrees Make Nearly the Same as White Workers with B.A.s High School Coach Arrested For Biting Fellow Colleague
Home Depot Employee Kills Supervisor, Turns Gun On Self In N.Y.C.
‘Ghettoside’ Focuses On Gang Homicides In Black Community
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Darren Wilson Likely Cleared By Feds; Where’s The Justice?

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Bodies Found After Ga. Couple Lured By Craigslist Contact Boko Haram Brutally Attacks One Of Nigeria’s Biggest Cities
Facebook Blames Internal Glitch For Hourlong Global Outage
Sentencing Day For Chicago Twins Who Turned On Cartel
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Fit!Live!Win! 5-Minute ‘Deskercise’ Workout To Keep You In Shape While At Work [VIDEO] Jill Scott Explains Six-Month Rule For Finding The Right Guy
GET THE LOOK: How To Create Lupita’s Regal Braided Crown
How To Rock The Cape Trend & Be Almost As Cool As Janelle Monae
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Gabrielle Union: ‘I Asked For A Prenup’

There are some women out there who dream of marrying a baller as successful as Dwyane Wade, and the trophy wife perks that come along…



Dwyane Wade Fined $15K for Flipping Off Fans Who Made Nasty Comments About His Wife

Sports trash talk can get out of hand when it comes to going after NBA players’ wives. Remember when Kevin Garnett said unflattering things about…

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Valerie Jarrett and Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell
Commentary: Why The Affordable Care Act Matters To African-Americans

In an op-ed published yesterday on WhiteHouse.gov and BET.com , HHS Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell and White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett write about how the Affordable Care Act…

Don Lemon
Don Lemon
Don Lemon: Should President Obama Stop Trying to Play Robin Hood?

  The State of The Union is tonight. It’ll be President Obama’s sixth time. Of course The President will say, “The state of the union…

Bill Duke
Bill Duke: ‘Colorism Hurts Us And That’s Why I’m Exploring It On MLK Day’

As the nation celebrates Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 86th birthday, we are immersed in an intensive, often divisive, conversation about race in America. …

Don Lemon
Don Lemon
Don Lemon: Should Bill Cosby Say No To Stand Up And Sit Down?

  Bill Cosby laid low for a while after those old allegations of rape resurfaced, but lately he’s been trying to make a go of…

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Sybil Wilkes talks with Bill Duke about his book “Dark Girls”

Sybil talks with Filmmaker Bill Duke about his book and documentary called “Dark Girls”. Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry explore a deep-seated bias within…


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Eddie Murphy On His Love For Music: ‘I Don’t Want To Be An Actor Singing’

  Actor and comedian Eddie Murphy is mostly known for his famous roles in the Shrek franchise, Coming to America and Beverly Hills Cop, but…

HUGGY LOWDOWN: A Dreamy McDummy, Deflated Snowballs, Sam Smith’s Spaghetti
Jacque Reid Talks To Good Morning America’s Mara Schiavacompo About Massive Weight Loss
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