Bill Cosby’s Silence May Be His Best Defense At This Point Floyd Mayweather Is Ready to Face Off with Manny Pacquiao Next Spring
Vanessa Simmons’ ‘Hollywood Chaos’ Set to Release February [Watch]
J.Cole Sells More Than Any Other Rapper This Year
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KISS & TELL: Famous Women With Loose Lips
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Celebs Who Rock or Rocked Dreadlocks
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Can You Believe These Stars Are The Same Age?
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Today's Little Known Black History Fact

Little Known Black History Fact: Jayne Kennedy
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Police Killings of Blacks Voted Top Story of 2014 Crazed Gunman Kills 2 Cops For Revenge
The Obamas Reveal Personal Struggles With Racism In America
Chicago Mayor Unveils ‘Road Map’ To Combat Violence
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Don Lemon: Did Sony Surrender Our Freedom To The Enemy?

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Rev. Al Sharpton, Garner Family Condemn NY Cop Killings NYPD Killer Had Lengthy Criminal, Suicidal History
What Does Ending The Cold War With Cuba Mean For Afro-Cubans And African Americans
Obama Launches Task Force To Examine Police-Community Relations
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Last-Minute Christmas/Kwanzaa Gift Guide 2014

Are you just a habitual procrastinator? Or were you waiting for your paycheck/a loan/a lottery win/your child support/welfare/settlement check/your husband/wife/ baby mama/baby daddy/mama or daddy…

Mom-Fluential Moments: How To Trick Your Friends Into Decorating Your Christmas Tree

One of the best parts about Christmastime is decorating the tree. But that can be such a pain to do by yourself. A great way to get…

Q&A: What Happens If Sleep Apnea Is Left Untreated?
Can Eating Too Much Fruit Make You Fat?
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Stacey Dash Admits She Doesn’t Speak To Cousin Damon, Blames It On Being A Republican

With her controversial political views on race and President Barack Obama, Stacey Dash has gotten on a lot of people’s bad side. Especially her family,…



Floyd Mayweather Is Ready to Face Off with Manny Pacquiao Next Spring

It’s definitely time. According to NY Daily News, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao both want to fight each other… like they really, REALLY want it!…

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Deya Direct

It’s the end of 2014 and 2015 is just around the corner. I’m excited and ready for a number of reasons. Are you? Might as…

Michael H. Cottman, BlackAmericaWeb.com
Michael H. Cottman, BlackAmericaWeb.com
COMMENTARY: Cosby Owes Black Media The Truth

After getting pummeled by the mainstreamed media over the scandalous sexual assault allegations against him, Bill Cosby is hoping the black media will offer impartial…

Michael H. Cottman, BlackAmericaWeb.com
Michael H. Cottman, BlackAmericaWeb.com
Will There Be Justice For Tamir Rice?

Will the family of 12-year-old Tamir Rice get justice? Sadly, I’m not confident that a grand jury will indict Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann, although I do…

Don Lemon
Don Lemon
Don Lemon: There’s Nothing Fiercer Than A Woman Fighting For Her Children

  Ten mothers who belong to a club no mother wants to be a member of took their stories of heartbreak to Washington DC yesterday.…

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A Holiday Performance from Dave Hollister

Dave Hollister performs “The Christmas Song” in the Tom Joyner Morning Show Studios.


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MORNING MINUTE: A Song For This Years Celebrity Divorces

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Former Head of U.S. Commission Talks NYC Man Who Killed Cops To Avenge Garner & Brown’s Death
Money Mondays With Rob Wilson: Smart Money Moves At Year’s End
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