Crosses Fingers: Is This The Tracklist For Rihanna’s New Album? Naomi Campbell Convinced Ebola is a Plague from God
RUMOR REPORT: Are Tyrese and Sanaa Lathan Dating? [Video]
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Little Known Black History Facts

Little Known Black History Fact: Magic City Classic Little Known Black History Fact: Levi Watkins, Sr.
Little Known Black History Fact: Alonzo Herndon
Little Known Black History Fact: Samaria Bailey
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The Best On Screen Chemistry…Ever!
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Battle of the…Selfies: Happy Birthday Kim Kardashian AND Amber Rose!
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Under Wraps: Celebs Who Tied the Knot in Secret


All In The Family: Spreading Wealth Across Generations


[VIDEO] 22-Year-Old Substitute Teacher Performs Oral Sex On Teen On First Day Of School Birmingham Man Wins $460,000 In Police Beating Lawsuit, But Will Only Get $1,000
Jacque Reid Talks To Winner Of Lays Wasabi, Ginger & Soy Sauce Chip
Missouri Police Preparing For Grand Jury Decision
Michelle Obama On Midterm Campaign Trail In Colorado To Support Udall
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Alleged Serial Killer Hit With 2nd Murder Charge NBCUniversal Settles With Unpaid Interns For $6.4M
Donald Trump Blames Pres. Obama for Ebola in NYC
Woman Says She Sold Hundreds Of Pounds Of Pot To Help Raise Grandkids
After 1st Ebola Case in NYC, 3 Others Quarantined
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Birmingham Man Wins $460,000 In Police Beating Lawsuit, But Will Only Get $1,000

The city of Birmingham settled a controversial police beating lawsuit for over $450,000, but the plaintiff remains in prison and won’t see even half of…


Life & Style

Is Chipotle Really Healthier Than McDonald’s?

When we think of healthy fast food, many of us automatically think of fast food chains that don’t deep fry and have fresh, add-your-own items…


Kendrick Lamar’s “i” + 17 Hip-Hop Songs Officially Used By The NBA

Kendrick Lamar is one of the biggest names in hip-hop at the moment, which is impressive given the fact that he only has two studio…


Zack Burgess
Zack Burgess
The Myth of Gentrification

The landscape has changed. A vandalized shell of a building is now a new coffee shop, a nice jazz club or a high-end clothing boutique.…

Don Lemon
Don Lemon
Don Lemon Asks Why All The Outrage for Ebola Victims Here But Not In West Africa?

For iPhone:   Only one person has died of Ebola here in the United States, yet judging from the outrage we are hearing and seeing…

Michael H. Cottman, BlackAmericaWeb.com
Michael H. Cottman, BlackAmericaWeb.com
Turn Out For What? Black Voters Must Hit The Polls In November Or Risk GOP Takeover

The sense of urgency over the Black vote in the upcoming mid-term elections is mounting. Black congressional leaders are feverishly urging black voters to turn…

Nikki Woods, Senior Producer, The Tom Joyner Morning Show
Nikki Woods, Senior Producer, The Tom Joyner Morning Show
A Life Lesson From Monica Lewinsky

I have no proof but I’m sure at some point Eve warned her sons Cain and Abel that it’s possible to make one mistake in…

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Beyond The Studio with Director Justin Simien

Nikki Woods talks with Author, Director Justin Simien about the movie , the book, and more.   Dear White People open theaters wide, Friday, October,…


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Lavell Crawford Talks Spank Vs. Tyrese, Performing In Dallas This Weekend

For iPhone:   10/24/14 – Comedian Lavell Crawford stopped by the Tom Joyner Morning Show to talk the latest in celebrity news and gossip, before…

MORNING MINUTE: Justin Bieber’s ‘Small World, U Negroes Cheap, Halle Berry Gets Naked

For iPhone:   10/24/14- Comedian Chris Paul explains why Justin Bieber’s world might have gotten a little smaller and what UNC really stands for. And…

Jacque Reid Talks To Winner Of Lays Wasabi, Ginger & Soy Sauce Chip
HUGGY LOWDOWN: J. Anthony Brown You Are The Bamma of the Week!

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