Laurence Fishburne’s Mom Says She’s Facing Eviction and He Won’t Help [POLL] ‘The Wiz’ Musical To Air Live On NBC In December
‘Deadline’ Kinda Sorta Apologizes For Controversial ‘Ethnic Castings’ Article
Jay Z’s Billboard Interview About TIDAL Was More Informative Than The Special Announcement
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Famous Folks Who Grew Up Without a Father
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The Hottest Celebrity Instagrams (3/20-3/27)
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The Cutest Celebrity Family Portraits
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Today's Little Known Black History Fact

Little Known Black History Fact: Wayne Embry
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President Obama To Travel To Kenya This Summer Study Says Gay Black Men Earn More Than Straight Ones Do
Newly Released Photo Shows That UVA Honor Student Martese Johnson Was Shackled During His Arrest
3 Missouri Police Agencies Plan To Lessen How Much They Use Tear Gas In The Future
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Was Mo’Ne Davis Too Quick To Forgive? Are We?

National News

Boko Haram Just Kidnapped At Least 400 More Children In Nigeria After Two Men Found Dead In NYC Gas Explosion Rubble, Focus Moves To Cause
The Congressional Black Caucus Could Derail Benjamin Netanyahu’s Plans
Video Shows Brave Nigerian Girls Returning To School After Escaping Boko Haram
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10 Times You Should Apologize How To Deal With Your Friends’ Casual Racism
Men’s Secret To Attracting More Women
Junk Food Options That Won’t Give You Extra Junk In The Trunk
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Restaurant Patron Goes To ‘Help’ Crying Child And His Mother Goes Off [WATCH]

Was the woman who came over to the table in the right to be concerned about the child? Or was the mother right in saying…



Falcons Fined, Lose Draft Pick Over Fake Noise in Stadium

ATLANTA (AP) — In the midst of two losing seasons, the Atlanta Falcons tried to pump up the noise. It’s going to cost them. The…

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Get Well Wednesday
Get Well Wednesday
Get Well Wednesday: Colon Cancer Is Curable and Preventable

 It possibly means the bacteria in colon may have changed in the last 6 months or that the foods you are eating have changed. If…

Larry Hester
Almost Cool Dad: How To Lose To A Toddler With Grace

My sneaker collection has become a hiding place for half-eaten food and a lot of my video game covers have been turned into confetti, but…

Don Lemon
Don Lemon
Don Lemon: The Mystery Behind The German Wings Plane Crash

  The German Wings air disaster got a lot more mysterious last night after The New York Times broke the news that an official with…

Don Lemon
Don Lemon
Don Lemon On George Zimmerman: ‘Just Shut Up’

  Just when you thought you had seen the last of him, he’s back! I’m talking about none other than George Zimmerman. This latest reemergence…

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Kenny Lattimore Talks Reality TV, Divorce And New Record [VIDEO]

Lattimore says that his seven-year absence from the music business was in part to take care of his now 11-year-old son but also to regroup…

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MORNING MINUTE: How Does the Atlanta Home Crowd Sound?

03/31/15 – Comedian Chris Paul runs through the day’s hottest topics including why the Atlanta Falcons are in the headlines.

TOP OF THE MORNING: Why Can’t Women Dunk Like Men?!
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