donaldtrump60minsssPresident-elect Donald Trump says he’s a “very sober” person and says he’ll conduct himself “in a very good manner” as the nation’s president.

But the combative billionaire adds in an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” that his manner “depends on what the situation is.”

The president-elect was asked in the interview conducted Friday if he’s going to use the same, sometimes divisive rhetoric he used during the campaign. He replied that “sometimes you need a certain rhetoric to get people motivated.”

The interview was broadcast Sunday.

Trump is demanding that any of his supporters who are harassing people or destroying property “stop it.”

He tells CBS’s “60 Minutes” that he is “saddened” to hear that is happening. He says, “I will say it right to the cameras: Stop it.”

Trump spent much of the day on Twitter bragging about one-time GOP critics who have congratulated him. He also revived his feud with The New York Times.

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4 thoughts on “Donald Trump Talks Plans For Presidency, Tells Supporters To Stop Harassment

  1. Chump and his HATEFUL supporters have stirred up the pot.

    These assholes are stuck in the past and wish to take this country backwards with their

    Nothing good can come from any of this other than an eventual RACE WAR.

    I hope Chump is a one-term only president. He will have done enuff damage to this country by then!!!!!!!!!

  2. Does Trump have mental issues, is he crazy, or is he putting on an act? I think it’s a little of all of the aforementioned. After all how, or why would someone talk shigady about everyone in every imaginable group for over a year and a half, and then say I don’t know why these people are protesting, and it’s so “unfair.” The man is sooooo insecure

  3. !!!AMERICA HAS SPOKEN IN ITS WAY!!! (( HOW D. Trump ended the U.Sstatus quo? )) Everyone has been blind. ButGov. Bob Ehrlich, Michael Moore and others, as well as your reading-writer sawcoming the undeniable reality. Even though, history has stepped on my penbecause I used to say! Only two kinds of folks can’t talk predominantly: arePolitician and Businessman but the upshot of the 2016 election just challenged myfaculty to change that avowal. On the other hand, back to July, I made astatement reminding the Nicholas Machiavel techniques on D. Trump’s scheme. Mg,at that tme my surroundings cliched me as a chauvinism backer, although afterward,some of them acknowledged the difference! In fatc, I am just aware of commonsense in so many behaviors helps me to split my emotion from the reality. It’s indeedabout time to wonder what real smartness is! In the course of that scarceelection, it seems all and sundry were deeply mistaken wherever ‘’Stupidity inaudiblyturns to Stylishness’’. What powered D. Trump’s wise the top of establishment? Thewhole society has been utterly unsighted. True stratum: Sam Wang, professor atPrinceton University, has promised to eat a bug if Trump earns.Subsequently, at a TV show the prof, retained his announcement; Why Experiencemust be old? Only way to see what or unthinkable is coming, we must be able todivide feelings from realities. There’s a big difference between Knowledge andIntelligence. For future, let’s be smarter than any state of mind… Versaint

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