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3 thoughts on “Keep In Touch With The DL Hughley Show!

  1. Carol VanPelt on said:

    It is absolutely not fair to compare Melania to Michelle. If you put their resumes side by side, lawyer who graduated from top University who exudes dignity and beauty to Adult Entertainment Star who stands mutely by biggest snake oil salesman ever and tries not to gag! This is not something Melania choose she would have probably preferred to continue to live in luxury and use his ATM card. She thought enough of Michelle to steal her speech at the GOP coronation. The ladies say they aren’t racist but what then is this comparison based on. Makes you want to tell them to hike up their skirts to give their Idol easier access, but I am sure neither would be up to the level of attractiveness he requires of a lady to be worthy of his sexual assault.

  2. Stormey Davidson on said:

    For what it is worth, please announce a boycott of the 2017 inauguration. Turn all social media, televisions and news sources off. We are not interested in the inauguration of trump. Also, please send to all radio programs/personalities.

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