GRAMMY Park - Artist Spotlight: Toni Braxton With Andra Day

Toni Braxton just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to her finances.

According to reports, the legendary singer is being accused of refusing to pay $125k in back state taxes, just two two years after a judge discharged her massive $10 million debt in her second bankruptcy case.

Official records filed in California on August 17th show that the state filed a tax lien against the Braxton Family Values star, accusing her of failing to pay $124,316 in taxes. Braxton, who filed bankruptcy in 1996 and 2014, explained last year that she had to file for bankruptcy a second time due to the millions of dollars in debt related to her health problems that forced her to cancel a series of Las Vegas concerts.

The State of California will reportedly begin seizing Toni Braxton’s assets and property if she doesn’t settle the debt.

Source: Jasmine Brand |PHOTOCREDIT: Getty 

5 thoughts on “Toni Braxton Back In Hot Water With The IRS

    • Lady D, that is probably the problem, she’s handling her own finances. I know a good, honest CPA in the DC are if she needs one, which apparently she does.

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