Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are engaged and expecting, but a new report from Radar Online claims the baby may not be her one-way ticket into the Kardashian empire.

An unnamed “insider” for Radar Online claims Blac Chyna has been seeing another man on the side who may be the child’s father:

A source told Radar exclusively that Chyna, 28, has secretly been hooking up with singer and former Glee star Pilot Jones for several months. Radar viewed a series of intimate photos of Blac Chyna and the former Glee star kissing and caressing each other.

In addition, Jones and Chyna were spotted clubbing together back in March, amid rumors that she and Kardashian, 29, had suddenly split. Jones later posted this video from the night out.

A rep for Jones told Radar, “They’re definitely great friends and they’ve known each other for a while.”

Indeed, Radar has viewed other photos of the couple out clubbing together in March 2015, long before Kardashian was in the picture.

In addition, Radar has confirmed the pair have been in frequent text communication in recent weeks.

Said the source, “When that baby comes out, it’s going to be brown! The truth will come out eventually. Pilot is the dad.” Blac Chyna is due next month.

Jones’s rep declined to comment on the paternity rumors. Blac Chyna did not immediately respond to Radar’s request for comment, but previews for Rob & Blac have suggested that she’ll take a paternity test later in the season.

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(Photo Source: Instagram)

2 thoughts on “Did Blac Chyna Cheat On Rob Kardashian With Glee Actor?

  1. Another p r move Kim/mommy dearest had scott followed too. There show is tanking and rob n chyna blew them out of the water. All this were family and the Get Along Gang is bull. Rob and chyna need to dump them like a bad habit and move far far away and do there show.

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