It was the story that shocked and saddened the country last week when Reginald Moise, shot and killed 22-year-old college student Tiarah Poyau for refusing to dance with him at the J’Ouvert celebration in New York. Since then, many have tried to piece together exactly why someone would murder a woman just because she didn’t want to dance. Thankfully the family of the victim can find some sense of peace and relief because 20-year-old Moise was indicted today and faces a very hefty sentence.

The Root has all of the details surrounding this truly sad case, as well as today’s development. They also found details of Moise’s past criminal history that has currently remained sealed due to his age.


Via The Root:


The 20-year-old suspect in the J’Ouvert morning shooting death of Tiarah Poyau was indicted Monday on charges of second-degree murder, the New York Post reports.


According to the report, Reginald Moise did not appear before Supreme Court Judge John Hecht for the hearing in Brooklyn, N.Y.


Moise, the Post notes, has five prior, sealed arrests and could face up to 25 years to life in prison if convicted of killing Poyau. He has told investigators that he did not know that the weapon was loaded, claiming he was so drunk that he didn’t know the shooting had occurred, authorities said.


The terrible thing about this entire situation is just how senseless it was and could have easily been prevented, allowing Tiarah Poyau to continue on with her studies. Unfortunately her life was cut short by someone who clearly doesn’t value the lives of others.



2 thoughts on “Man Who Murdered Student At J’Ouvert Celebration For Refusing A Dance, Faces 25 Years To Life

  1. Colin Kaepernick is this part of Americas injustice toward people of color you sit out the NA for?
    because every day I see where far more minority lives are taken and or destroyed by people or situations like this. here is a young man who obviously had no decent role model to look up to or guide him, this is one result of us dismissing bad teen behavior as “teens will be teens” this thug ass piece of sh!t had sealed records meaning as a (teen) someone just said “teens will be teens”
    and let it go, we in the black community accepted killings and crimes like this as the norm in our culture (as long as we’re the ones doing it)

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