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Jamie Foxx won’t be protesting the National Anthem anytime soon, and for one simple reason – he’s happy with America.

TMZ caught the longtime entertainer stepping out of Goal in West Hollywood Tuesday night and asked about football players and Chris Brown sitting out the Star Spangled Banner recently.

After dodging the question and shouting his boy out, Jamie said, “It’s too much anger, we need to just laugh. We live in the greatest country in the world. You can do whatever you want to do. You can live how you want to live… We in America, just enjoy. Protest is part of America. Just let it happen. Quit being so mad.”

It’s that simple, is it now Jamie?

Watch him brush it all off in the video above.



4 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx On Celebrities Protesting The National Anthem: ‘Quit Being So Mad’

  1. I agree with Jamie Fox, He did not break no law, He loves this Country just like we all do. He has the right to do this. This is America. I am also upset about the police killings of late! Stand for something or fall for anything!

  2. Yeah right, just let it happen until it happens to you. Never really was a fan of his now I know why. Can’t really deal with the uncle toms. Sooner or later those white folks going to let him know that he’s still just a ni&&er and it’s going to phuck him up. Silly rabbit.

  3. I used to like this dude until I just read this. Maybe you need to get mad and use your platform,say something worthwile and quit worrying about your status. To have the gull to even say something so stupid shocks me. Change comes about with change in action not hoping and dreaming. I wonder if he thinks Django was science fiction and not based off of a lot of reality. Racist white people are entertained by our suffering and we should just be cool. This house “nuh” here.

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