50 Cent took to Instagram Monday with the posting of a countdown clock that shows how much time he has left before shelling out his final child support payment to ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins for their son, Marquise Jackson.

According to the clock, his financial obligation to Marquise will end on October 13, 2017 – the day he turns 21.

“Man real life is gonna start Sooners then you think. Sad part is I wish you well, good,” the rapper wrote in the caption.

Marquise replied to his dad’s insensitive post writing: “Don’t worry, I’ll make u proud! Just dont forget to tell me happy birthday that day cause u missed a few.”

Marquise, a high school football player, has said in past interviews that his relationship with 50 Cent is “strained.”

The lighter child support burden should help the rapper address some financial trouble he’s hit in recent years—including a plan reported earlier this summer to restructure his finances.

The rapper and executive producer of the Starz series “Power” filed for bankruptcy when he lost a $7 million lawsuit over a sex tape he reportedly leaked. In July of this year, his bankruptcy deal was approved by a judge.

A year earlier, the rapper had filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection at the US Bankruptcy Court in Hartford, Connecticut in 2015, with assets and debts both in the range of $10-50 million.

Both Tompkins and 50’s other baby mama, Daphne Narvaez filed claims against 50 for child support as part of the bankruptcy. Tompkins made a claim for $120,000 and Narvaez filed one for $832,600. Narvaez, the mother of 50’s son Sire, wrote in court docs that he paid her $4,600 a month in child support.

In May, Tompkins asked a judge in New York Family Court to increase her $6,700 a month payments for Marquise to help pay for his college tuition.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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27 thoughts on “50 Cent Posts Countdown Clock To Final Child Support Payment, Son Replies Perfectly

  1. Regardless as to who is wrong or right in this situation, this matter should have never been aired on social media for the whole world to see and it should never affect the relationship you have with your child. It’s obvious based on his son’s comment that he’s hurting.

  2. Black America Web will never post the whole story because they want to make black men look bad. Get the whole truth before rushing to judgement on why this man feels the way he does about Tompkins she’s a true rat that was getting paid but her ghetto mentality got in the way.

  3. For the ignorant people that keep making comment that they have no clue about. Check court records 50 paid this woman well as well as took care of all this kids financial needs until her greedy ass took him to court but failed to disclosed he was giving her 25k a month untaxed money for almost a decade and when his Lawyer disclosed it and they court required her to account for the money she couldn’t account for a dime. Her child support was reduced to 6,700 a month. The 25K didn’t include that he put her in a house Mortgage free she had the nerve to move her broke ass boyfriend in and when he told her she would have to pay rent she got indignant. Then she turned around and took him to court claiming he promised to take care of her for the rest of her life. Which was thrown out of court. She hasn’t worked since 2002 but she stay on twitter running him down. Now she’s back in court asking that the court require him to continue to pay Child Support to send his little disrespectful behind to college. Miss me with the BS she turned him against his father so now she take care of him. This man has paid her enough money over the years that she should have had a nice little nest egg instead she blew it. It sucks to be her. She’s trifling.

  4. Geraldine Smith on said:

    It’s sad how you look at a situation and you and you right you can’t wait to the countdown that’s so sad if you didn’t want the burden of being a father you should have kept your pants up and this what happened it takes two to tango you’re just a fault as his mom the child didn’t ask to be born. I’ll tell you what you can fool man but you cannot fool God and remember what you sow you will reap.

  5. If this is actually true it is obvious that 50 could care less about his son’s feelings. Hopefully the son finds someone else to look up to as a father figure.

  6. cheryl brown on said:

    Here, again, Mr 50, they are your sons, they are you flesh and blood, they will represent you after you are gone. I would the memories of you are reflective and benefit the boys and girls if you have any. It’s not about you any more, once you have kids, what keeps you relevant is what you leave, here. hopefully is is all positive.

  7. I thought you paid child support until the kid was 18 and if his son will be 21 shouldn’t he be in adult ed instead of traditional high school and on the football team.

  8. Rosco P Coaltrain on said:

    This is so sad that a so-called man would put a clock counting down his last child support payment even though his son has already graduated. On going I shall call 50 cent “Petty Penny” for acting like a (B-you know the word). With his Whiney-Baby-Cry-Pants self. Somebody tell this chump to try 365 days a year, every year until they turn 21 and even pass that for some real Fathers. Chump crying about child support and ain’t even been in the child’s life for 3 straight months out of 21 years. I say again “Petty Penny”…..Try 365 days a year like REAL Fathers do…..This article makes me sick!!!!!!

  9. Does this mean that you will never do anything financial for your child? What a puss you are and why would you even post something like this — correction, you are a puss and a d–k.

    • If this prehistoric knuckle dragger had no money, these women wouldn’t even know his name. These thirsty thigh openers deserve every bit of misery this apparition throws at them. I just hate that their biological ATMs have to suffer for their need for speed.

      • Kates1221 – why in the hell are you on this site with your ignorant racial comments?! Oh that’s right – your mother and father are sister and brother which makes you an imbecile!!

      • You may not like what I said, so you decide to try to make it about race. Nothing I said has anything to do with race. However everything I said is true. A thing can only be what it is. Why are you on this site race baiter?

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