FINDING DORY Advance Screening Hosted by Keshia Knight Pulliam & Kamp Kizzy at AMC Phipps Plaza

Keshia Knight Pulliam‘s drama with ex Ed Hartwell just won’t end.

According to reports, police were called to Keshia’s home after her mother refused to allow Ed inside to collect his belongings. A source says the NFL star arrived at the home they used to share in Sandy Springs at an arranged time, but Keshia wasn’t home.

The Cosby Show star reportedly left her mother with clear instructions not to let Ed inside the house. His belongings had been packed into boxes and left in a garage, but Hartwell claimed some of his things were missing. A friend of his says that he called the police to help him enter the house, where he collected the rest of his things with a police escort. The friend added, “It hurt his feelings. It’s just Keshia being petty.”

No word from Keshia about the incident, but the way this saga is going, we’re sure she’ll clap back soon.


7 thoughts on “Ed Hartwell Calls The Police To Keshia Knight Pulliam’s Home

  1. Daniel Asamota on said:

    Now it’s a shame that they can’t work it out any better than this. But that’s how it goes sometimes. God bless them both. I invite all to join me at my blog ‘Asamot’as Corner’ and my buddy TRex at ‘TRex’s Entertainment Beat.’ You’ll love it.

  2. This is beyond ridiculous. I am a black woman raising good black men with my black King and I wouldn’t trade him in for anything. If you think all black men are bad or all black women are ratchet then you need to seek help. The damn mayor in my city( white) is in jail right now for beating his wife. Sheriff’s deputy in jail for choking his wife. Yes both are white and in my opinion worthless. My son’s previous pediatric Doctor got caught up in some drug mess (white). So if all you can do is find fault within your own race then you need to look in the mirror because the problem is staring back at you.

  3. Angietangie on said:

    And we wonder why “some black men ain’t shit” sterotype exists, because it’s accurate. Some are not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you for proving my point Angie. I have a masters degree in Information Systems, a strong moral compass, no criminal record, and no addictions. I also stopped dating ratchet, attention starved black women a decade ago, and my life couldn’t be more fulfilling and peaceful. And yes, my mama is black, so skip that lame comeback.

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