Dr. Jason Johnson explains how Donald Trump’s trip to Mexico was a failed mission. Click the audio player to hear what he had to say on The Russ Parr Morning Show!

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One thought on “Why Donald Trump’s Trip To Mexico Was A Major Fail [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. Isthe GOPnominationawareness still running around the corners of Pennsylvania Avenue? At thethoughtful platform! Not long ago, my manager has asked me, if I was insidewhich GOP candidate would I vote for? Like I am not on that track, so I feltearnest by answering: Whatever crowd seems devided, it always works for othersides. Therefore, be smarter than your feelings….. Consequently, why afterwords, the GOP Surperdelegates don’t make him read the method of Nixon’s past?In fact, reiterating the Gore’s story which keeps an awful report for futurefacing all requirements from the generations to come… (On the other hand,Politics is not a friendship platform, if somebody wants to have a friend, buya dog: Bill Nojay, N-y, assemblyman.) — As said so well, Sen. Bob Coker:‘’Let this play out’’. Versaint

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