San Francisco 49ers v San Diego Chargers

Colin Kaepernick now has more people to keep him company while he sits during the national anthem.

Yesterday was the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks final preseason game, and all eyes were on Kaepernick as he took a seat during the patriotic moment. But people were surprised when teammate Eric Reid and Seattle Seahawk Jeremy Lane sat out as well in response to strained race relations in America, specifically against African-Americans.

The two teams are known to be bitter rivals, but the Lane didn’t hesitate to support Kaepernick.

It’s something I plan to keep on doing until justice is being served,” Lane told reporters after the game.

Seahawk Coach Pete Carroll even sees the importance of the controversial actions:

Our team has been working at it and we’ve been in the process of communicating about a lot of stuff right now. That was an individual thing, but I’m really proud of the progress that we’re making in the conversation and I look forward to continue it with our guys,” he said Thursday night.

With the official NFL season kicking off Thursday, September 8, more players are sure to make their stance clear.

SOURCE: USA Today | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty, Twitter


6 thoughts on “Two More NFL Players Join Colin Kaepernick In His National Anthem Protest

  1. Nikolaus Meier on said:

    I am afraid for Colin Kaepernick. Given the bigoted, reactive and hostile comments exhibited not only against his protest. But also against the African-American gymnast Gabby Douglas when she stood at attention but didn’t place her heart over her heart. It’s indicative of the attitude of too many Euro-Americans. I fear for him even more because of the socks he used that is perceived as anti-police collectively, when in reality it targets “rogue cops” who do exist. Ignored is the fact that USA police do indeed profile African-Americans and are all to quick to shoot and lie about it. Then not be held accountable so it’s business as usual. Not all but too many cops are this way. Even more noticeable is that overly aggressive cops often aren’t defused by on the scene by fellow cops. Rather they hold a person down while the aggressor continues to beat, kick, punch and otherwise abuse the neutralized suspect. You even have cases where a police dog was allowed to bite a handcuffed man’s face while he was helpless on the ground. These things indicate a level of cruelty and the nation’s tolerance for it is proven by so many waivers cops get for such assaults. And these types of things aren’t isolated cases. So my fear for Colin Kaepernick is that sooner or later one of two things will happen to him. He will experience a trumped up and staged police encounter used to justify killing or jailing him after being abused. A teach him a lesson thing. Or some bigoted citizen will create a situation that allows them to assault or shoot him. My advice to him is to stay away from late night establishments like bars. Nothing good comes out of such places anyway. Never travel alone when driving or shopping. Realize you have a target on your back and chest and do all you can to minimize opportunity for your “hunters” to take action in a place and manner where the truth is easily hidden, denied, or twisted against you. Have one of those cellphone apps that audio records and immediately relays everything with touch of a screen button the moment any hint of a negative encounter is unfolding. Pulled over by the police? Activate the app right away. So now, it’s my turn to be lambasted by the bigots I refer to. . . . 3, 2, 1 -liftoff!

    • I wish they would just ignore him, let him sit and act like he’s just part of the bench. That way, he can protest and we don’t hear about his monkey shining every hour of every damned day.

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