Towanda and her sister Trina Braxton are embarking on the casting of a new LGBT reality show. They will also appear at the 5th annual Pure Heat Community during Atlanta’s 2016 Black Gay Pride Celebration this weekend.


“Atlanta is going to be really popping this weekend. We have the LGBT community, Ludacris’ weekend and Toni is being presented with the President’s award at the BMI’s, so Atlanta is the place to be.”

What characteristics are the sisters looking for in LGBT couples:

“We’re really looking for big personalities of course. And we’re looking for honest truth.”

To audition for the show go, fans can visit for more info. Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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(Photo Source: Courtesy)

4 thoughts on “Towanda & Trina Braxton Are Casting LGBT Couples For New Reality Show

    • You are right, I don’t prefer to watch reality television, I believe they are broke and that’s the only way they can make money by airing their business

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