BET Honors 2014: Show

Source: Larry French/BET / Getty

There’s no man Mariah Carey can’t serenade, or at least attempt to serenade, during a concert.

The singer who has a residency at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas, took to the stage Saturday night to sing to Martin Lawrence. And it was the most awkward thing ever.

After introducing him to the audience, she had the comedian lie on a bed. The Grammy Award-winner then blindfolds him and runs a feather down his chest, while singing “Touch My Body”.

All in good fun, the pair were incredibly respectful of each other during the whole thing— which felt a bit forced.


2 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Serenades Martin Lawrence In The Most Awkward Way

  1. LMFAO…Really!! Like why did we need to know this? Was it Tom Joyner that made the decision this was news worthy? AND…who the hell cares??…..B.A.W. do better please, smh

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