SKOKIE, Ill. (AP) — A new teacher who made a music video to welcome his students has become a bit of a star with his fourth-graders.

Dwayne Reed‘s video was posted on YouTube this week and has already been viewed more than a half-million times and earned him an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

The 25-year-old Reed just began teaching at Stenson Elementary School in the Chicago suburb of Skokie.

In his video, Reed wears a lab coat and sings, “Welcome to the fourth grade. So happy to meet you. Can’t wait till I see you.”

Reed says he wants his students to know they are important and loved and that they can be leaders.

He says students love the video and even introduced themselves to him using his lyrics.

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(Photo Source: AP)


5 thoughts on “Welcome To The Fourth Grade: Teacher’s Rap Targets Students

  1. Joan Dunn on said:

    So proud of you Mr. Reed. How creative and what a wonderful positive way to start school. I see great and awesome things in your future ! I am a retired principal and I have not seen anything so wonderful in a long time. It shows that you are up to the challenge of being an educator. I know your parents are proud!


    yay, he is going to be an excellent teacher. Larry, get a life please, obviously you missed the other parts, seems that is all that was on your small pea brain….
    Mr. Reed it won’t always be smooth sailing, and you will run into people such as lazy larry out there in the real world. you just keep your head up, your mind focused on teaching our future leaders, keep striving to keep improving the learning process and you will see some great results come from your hard work. God bless you Mr. Reed….

  3. Mr. Reed, I commend him for being an educated and creative African American male with such a love for learning !
    He added just enough musical “swag” to draw the young minds in. Any comment left here should only be positive for this young man. I say, “You go boy!” You are the coolest fourth grade teacher I have ever seen. I am sure your students will hate to leave you when it is time for the 5th grade. May God bless you and your classroom and give you the grace and patience you will need with the students. The comment regarding basketball and rap being the only two roads to success is ignorant, especially since he added science, books and math props to send his message. Let’s support this brother !

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