Baby Boom: CDC Announces Birth Rate Among Single Women On The Rise

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    More unmarried women have decided that they aren’t waiting to get hitched to have a family, they’re moving ahead with having babies on their own.

    Through the miracle of modern science you don’t have to be married (or even a sexual partner) to have a kid.

    Birth rates among single women ages 35-39 years old exploded over a decade. According to the Centers For Disease Control birth rates among this segment increased 48 percent from 2002 to 2012! Although the number of single moms ages 40-44 years old is lower, the birth rate rose 29 percent.

    That might seem a like a huge difference, but the actual numbers are a little less shocking. Out of every 1,000 single women 35-39, 31 of them had children on their own in 2012. That’s up from 21 women in 2002. Ten people in a decade is about one additional person per year (on average), but statistic make it look like a way bigger deal than it actually is.

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