Love Is Not A Fairytale: New Study Shows More Realistic People Are Happier In Their Love Lives

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    It could actually be better for your relationship if your significant other doesn’t “complete” you.

    Depending on how committed you are, people often call their boo their “better half.” According to a new study in the “Journal of Experimental Social Psychology,” though, that concept is not necessarily a great thing.

    Researchers tested 73 people, who had been monogamous on any level (committed, engaged or married) for at least six months prior to participating in the study. Test subjects were asked to pick out five phrases they’d heard before, including “my better half” and “made for each other.” There were also phrases like “look how far we’ve come,” which would indicate progress.

    Participants, who weren’t aware of the context of this quiz, were exposed to one of two patterns of thought: unity vs. journey.

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