Ex-Black Panther Receives 20 Years For Hijacking Plane To Cuba 30 Years Ago

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  • Williams Potts, Jr. (pictured), who hijacked a commercial plane and forced it to travel to Cuba back in 1984, was handed a 20-year prison sentence by a Florida federal judge last week, according to Yahoo News.

    The now-57-year-old, who has spent the last 30 years in Cuba, returned to these shores last November. Potts spent 13 years in a Cuban prison for his crime, calling it one of the “worst hell holes on the planet,” according to his lawyer, Robert Berube.  “There were no bathroom facilities. There were plastic sheets on the beds because urine drips down through the ceilings.”

    Now claiming to be a changed man, Potts wants the U.S. government to take in to consideration the prison time he served while in Cuba for his air piracy and kidnapping charges. He also contends that he has grown in positive ways as a human being and is, today, a better man for it.

    Upon his release from the Cuban “hell hole,” Potts was granted residency to live on the communist island; he eventually married and had two daughters who now live in Atlanta.  Potts tells the news outlet, “Everything changes when you become a parent.  You realize everything you’ve done before, none of that stuff matters.”

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