Reporter Who Made Racist On-Air Comment About Jersey Cop Shooting Is Suspended

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  • NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — A white TV reporter who voiced his opinions about black families and relations with police during a segment about a fatal police shooting said Tuesday he was suspended from his station and won’t return.

    Sean Bergin said he was suspended from News 12 New Jersey without pay on Monday and with pay on Tuesday. Bergin, a contracted employee, said the station told him that his assignments would be cut to one a week and he declined to remain in the position.

    Bergin’s report, which aired Sunday, featured the widow of a Black man who police say shot a rookie Jersey City police officer to death and who was then killed by officers responding to the shooting. The widow, Angelique Campbell, told Bergin that Lawrence Campbell should have killed more officers, but she later apologized.

    Bergin said in his report that the underlying cause of an anti-police mentality is young Black men growing up without fathers.

    “It’s important to shine a light on this anti-cop mentality that has so contaminated America’s inner cities,” Bergin said after airing the widow’s comments and showing a memorial for her husband. “The underlying cause of all of this, of course, young Black men growing up without fathers.”

    The TV station said that the response to Bergin’s report was being handled internally and that it doesn’t comment on personnel matters.

    “It is News 12′s policy that reporters must be objective and not state personal opinions on-air,” the station said in a statement Tuesday.

    Bergin said that he added his commentary just before going on air because he had heard from police officers outraged that the station was airing the widow’s comments.

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    4 thoughts on “Reporter Who Made Racist On-Air Comment About Jersey Cop Shooting Is Suspended

    1. ‘’Mississippi is stillburning, because any one doesn’t reach the right extinguishing -pot yet, and itcannot be bought, but uild throught the minds and of course with behavi0r’’ Some people don’t know thatthey’re naturally racists just because nobody ever convinced thempsychologically they are Red Bone. And also some courageous folks may reachtheir self-conscious like an unconditional recycling to their mind. Although,most of the immature folks recognize themselves following their expressions oractions; It is always stressful when you are witnessing of whom who do use thelight skin aspect to justify whatsoever in their own favor. Subsequently, onthe other side, we, the black bone people must work as one genuinely aspossible to let them know for now and future the light skin color doesn’t meanat all the white supremacy of those who still believe in the elder pierce whichmust be reframed as long as the time going undeniably forward a better worldemphasizing by common sense. So never, never bring back the Arthur de Gobineaureminder.

    2. This is sick!!! Why is it when a black man kills someone (esp. a cop) , he’s label as a low-life thug, but when a white man kills masses of people, he’s label as having psychological problems, like affluenza??? #GTFOH

      • Roderick Scott was not labeled a low-life thug. Jarvis Williams was not labeled a low-life thug. Barry Crawford was not labeled a low-life thug. They all killed young white people and only one, Jarvis Williams served any time – one year. And these are just a few of the many black people who have killed others without being punished for one reason or another. My point is, all white people who kill don’t get away with it, and all black people who kill are not punished. People really need to stop generalizing.

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