Raising Royalty Takes Work

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They need to be talked to, not talked at. about their future endeavors and their plans for making them a reality. They need to hear positive, character-building words daily to be chastised when their actions don’t line up with the laws at home and outside of it. How does becoming a prince or princess get them ready for the real world challenges they will inevitably face?

I wonder if Emily’s dad would have been just as proactive if she’d said she wanted to be a teacher, a doctor or President of the United States. The dad who gave a kingdom to his daughter meant well, but giving her the land and the fancy title isn’t enough. Feeling like a princess or a prince has less to do with what children possess and more to do with how they feel inside and how they treat others.

It all starts at the castle—be it ever so humble or a de-luxe apartment in the sky.

What do you do to make your children or spouse feel like royalty?

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