Tyra Banks Predicts Weaves & Wigs Will Be Phased Out In The Future

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    Tyra Banks has a few thoughts on how standards of beauty and the way to achieve them will shift in the future, and they’re right out of a sci-fi novel.

    Curious about humanity’s road ahead, The Wall Street Journal asked tastemakers from different segments to give their thoughts on what the future will hold. Being a model/media mogul it only made sense for Tyra to speak on what the beauty industry will look like 50+ years from now.

    For starters, Tyra thinks that getting plastic surgery won’t be such a big deal. In her mind, getting a lip nip-tuck will be as simple and painless as picking up picking up a prescription. If you don’t want to go under the knife, though, the “America’s Next Top Model” host thinks people will be able to take various pills and potions to enchance their look.

    “Beauty ingestibles (active waters, etc.) will give instant, yet temporary results: contoured cheekbones, rosy cheeks, arched eyebrows,” she wrote. “However, one must use them repeatedly to maintain results.”

    Not only that but she believes weaves, wigs and other follicular enhancements will be a thing of the past. “If one wants longer locks, a hair-growing serum is applied to the scalp, and the length and thickness of the hair will increase in 24 hours,” Tyra mused. “The popular hair texture of choice will be curly.”

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