Seriously? One Third Of Americans Think Obama Is Worst President Since WWII

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Now, I’m willing to bet if these same number of Americans who find Obama to be the worst president from World War II also deny climate change, are staunchly conservative, think Obama was born in a Kenyan hut, and are for certain that he’s trying to turn America into Hitler’s Germany. I’m also quite sure that in the future, Obama will be remembered for his historical moves on health care, climate change, gay rights, ending the war in Iraq, among other things. He’ll get an asterisk for improving the economy as best he could thanks to Republican obstruction in Congress. Shame on him for the use of drones, but I digress.

All this poll proves is American voters have short term memories and don’t keep up with the news, thus are prone to fall in to fables about the current state of the country and answer accordingly. Word to FOX News.

But hey, thanks for playing.


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