Joseline Hernandez Claims Her Twitter Was Hacked

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  • Now see…THIS is the reason people have a hard time figuring out what is true and what is bull. Because everything with Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez appears to be scripted on their “reality” show, people are having a hard time believing that Joseline’s Twitter account was hacked the other day when her account sent out messages claiming to have slept with many men while she was with Stevie J.

    For the record…we did say that we thought this might have been a possibility. Wait…who are we kidding? We said we HOPED this was the situation!

    But according to Vlad TVthe Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star spoke out about the infamous tweets from last week on her alleged  infidelity with over 30 people including Drake, Kevin Durant and other high profile celebrities.

    Joseline has a new Instagram account (@JoselineReloaded), and she also has a new Twitter account (@Joseline4Ever) so whether she was hacked or not we don’t know…but this, by design makes it appear as though she was. Right?

    She says her old account was hacked and adds that she’s been off Twitter for days. Said Hernandez,

    “So today somebody hacked my Twitter page again. It’s all bulls****, it’s all lies. i haven’t been on Twitter in three days. Now Ms. Joseline Reloaded is back, and f*** you hater motherf******.”

    Joseline didn’t mention anything about her estranged husband Steve J, but did acknowledge him at LA’s Supper Club and said she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. She also said “f*** Stevie J” while she was on stage. Joseline continued her rant on Instagram about the allegations.

    “I mean can I live? Can I live? Why ya’ll wanna f*** with me? Why ya’ll so mad at me..what have I don’t to anybody but to get money?”

    The problem here is obvious. She has played this hookerish role up so well…that it is actually easy for people to believe these things about her than to believe that she is innocent and didn’t do it at all. She is also known for freaking out on the internet when she gets mad and then trying to take it back suddenly. So she has done herself no favors!

    So you tell us…was she hacked?




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