Is Bianca Tanner Still Alive? NC Schoolteacher Missing, Boyfriend Arrested On Other Charges

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  • Angelo Greyson Smith, Jr. has been extradited from an Illinois jail to face charges in North Carolina for a misdemeanor felony of contributing to the deliquency of  juvenile, reports the Huffington Post. No details on the specifics of the charge are yet available.

    What he knows about his missing girlfriend, Charlotte, North Carolina schoolteacher Bianca Tanner,  is unknown.

    Tanner, 31, was last seen at Tanner’s home in Charlotte, on June 7th, where he says the two had an argument while Tanner was intoxicated. She has not been seen since, and Smith reported her missing the next day. Tanner’s 3-year-old son, who witnessed the altercation told police that “Mommy got a spanking with a belt,”  according to the search warrant that allowed police to remove items including a laptop from Smith’s home. “Angelo kicked mommy’s butt and made her cry,” Tanner’s son also said along with adding, “Angelo is mean to mommy and hurt mommy in the face.”

    Smith says the couple argued over a text message. Smith, 30, has a previous history of domestic violence. He was accused by a previous girlfriend of assault, a case for which there is an open warrant for him in Arkansas. After Tanner’s disappearance he said he fled to family in Illinois because he “felt threatened.”

    Although he has not been identified as a suspect in Tanner’s disappearance, he is being held without bond in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg jail.

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