Surely the Stockton police department had no idea that posting the photos of several men caught up in a weapons raid would go viral. When Jeremy Meeks, 30 and Terry Bailey, 22 had their mugshots posted on Facebook in a self-congratulatory post by the Stockton Police, their captors were unprepared for the social media response.

When hundreds of female posters commented on the men’s good looks, the photos went viral and posted Meeks’ mugshot with the caption ‘Dreamy McMug Shots Makes Hearts Go Twitter.’ At press time, Meeks’ mug shot had been liked over 31,000 times, generating almost 10,000 comments. Bailey may have felt left out, as his mugshot didn’t make TMZ, but even his photo generated over 600 likes.

Many male posters took issue with the women’s comments accusing them of overlooking the serious nature of the men’s alleged crimes because they were so attractive. Women’s comments were overwhelmingly favorable with some suggesting the Meeks, in particular, could be rehabilitated with the love of a good woman. Or something like that.

People have even suggested chipping in to pay for the $900,000 bail for Meeks and have reportedly even set up a Facebook fan page for him.  (We guess Bailey is on his own.) Memes have already begun to circulate the web.

The thirst is real. However, we must remember two very important things – Meeks is, of course, innocent until proven guilty. And crime doesn’t pay….unless of course, you’re so good looking it helps you win the Internet and [hopefully] renounce your life of crime. Though somehow we don’t think the Stockton police and prosecutor’s office see it that way.

And sorry ladies, Meeks has both a wife and a previous record. Interviewed by a reporter from USA Today, Meeks says that he’s surprised at all the attention his mugshot has received, but that he’s no kingpin, although he admits that he’s done things in his past he’s not proud of.

We’re just waiting for the inevitable #FreeJeremy hashtag.

But the memes are already here:




Ladies, is admiring a good-looking accused criminal wrong? Is social media glorifying crime or is this just someone’s 15 minutes of fame? What do you think?

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