YouTube To Delete Independent Artist’s Videos

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  • This may go down in history as of the worst ideas ever conceived! YouTube who has been notorious for plucking unknowns out of obscurity and turning them into overnight successes….may now delete those artists from existence! Wasn’t the point of the YouTube the word YOU?  So why the change?

    According to Forbes, In only “a matter of days”, some of your favorite videos on YouTube could be gone, possibly for good.

    YouTube is preparing to radically change their site, adding a subscription service that is intended to help them compete in the streaming music industry.

    The video site has already signed new licensing deals with all of the major labels, but many independent or smaller labels are reportedly refusing to take part. Apparently, not only are smaller, indie labels not being offered the same deals as the majors but they are claiming that the contracts that are being offered to them are simply not fair.

    So in response Google has stated that any label that does not sign a deal with them will not only be left off the new service, but will have their content taken down from the original, free YouTube as well!

    Vice President and Global Head of Business at YouTube Robert Kyncl allegedly recently claimed that they already had deals with 90% of the industry, and that they had no choice but to move forward.

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