WTF: Woman Catfishes Her Niece On Facebook And Discovers Niece Is Trying To Kill Her

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DOH! Can you even imagine reading that on your laptop in front of the TV while the person writing it is in the next room? Wow!

Her aunt told investigators the messages from her niece  grew more sinister when Williams gave ‘Tre’ the location of her aunt’s bedroom and began planning her death — her aunt’s fiance would die first, her cousin second and even the family dog had to die.  As the killing spree was carried out, Williams would be packing the car for their escape, according to court documents.

Her aunt contacted authorities, and Williams was arrested for the solicitation of murder and jailed on $30,000 bond.

So let us get this straight. You are nineteen supposed to be grown years old and people who are not even your parents took you in and looked out for you. So your answer for repaying this kindness was to bring strange internet men off the streets into their house and trade sex for favors right there in the home? Then, when your aunt simply asks you not to do this anymore because it’s dangerous you set a plot in motion to kill her, everyone she loves and the dog too! Good luck with the insanity plea…if you weren’t thinking of it…you may as well go ahead…you have a great shot at getting it from what we can see!



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