Rapper/actor T.I., embroiled in controversy and speculation about his marriage to Tameka “Tiny” Harris finally gave his side of the story of the now infamous brawl with Floyd Mayweather that took place in a Las Vegas Fatburgers. While cryptic posts have flown back and forth on social media from both T.I. and Tiny, neither has confirmed or denied publicly that their marriage is in trouble.

However, a brawl complete with thrown chairs did take place with Mayweather, who had taken a photo with Tiny before the fight broke out. T.I. went on Vine to refute rumors that he’d been touched up by Mayweather and had two Black eyes. Finally a TMZ photographer caught up with T.I. in New York and got some of the answers fans had been waiting for.

So, are T.I. and Tiny OK? Was this a beef between two men blown out of porportion?

Or is this all just a publicity stunt to keep viewers interested in their reality TV show? Tell us what you think!

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