Anti-Gay Black Pastors Say You’re Their Enemy If You Support Marriage Equality

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    Yesterday, Pennsylvania became the latest state to rid itself of its ban on same sex marriage. Days prior, Oregon also struck down its ban. Today, a new Gallup poll reveals that 55 percent of Americans now support marriage equality– the highest percentage on record. Other states will soon follow, which is exactly why it’s not far off to assume that Justice Anthony Kennedy may be responsible for making marriage equality the rule of law across the country sooner than later.

    And yet, it was only a week ago that a bunch of sourpuss, Bible-toting but not necessarily comprehending Black pastors were out making the media rounds to declare that “the fight is on.” Yes, Pastor Ronald Caldwell of Burnette Inspiration Baptist Church of Detroit told a flock of fools that when it comes to supporters of gay marriage, “You are my enemy! Anybody that’s an enemy of God is an enemy of mine. And now the fight is on! We’ve come together to say, ‘Hell no. We’re not going to sit back.’”

    Now, this is a man who lives in Detroit, a city which far more serious matters to concern itself with besides whether two gays get married. One would think a Christian pastor in a poverty-stricken town would know this. After all, Jesus thought poverty was a big no-no, so he’d probably be more inclined to tell his flock to go after the Koch Brothers than your gay uncle and lesbian auntie. Unfortunately, that’d be too much like right, now wouldn’t it, saints?

    No? Well, I’d like to extend another hell no to Rev. Stacey Swimp of Flint, Michigan, who told the audience that same-sex marriage will “destroy the backbone of our society.” What great society is she trying to salvage? The one that doesn’t value her life as a woman, as a Black person, and especially as a Black woman?

    That reminds me, I sure hope Swimp wasn’t on her menstrual cycle when she was condemning the gays. You know, given “the Bible says…” something to the effect of, “Eww, nasty woman!” in its text on that issue. Funny, how we pick and choose what to believe, huh?

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