Kelly Rowland & Jesse Boykins III Reveal Why Men & Women Can Be Friends [EXCLUSIVE]

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    Love is ever-growing and ever-changing, which is why so many people, myself included, always need advice on the matter. From following your significant other on social media to having friends of the opposite sex, there’s always valuable insight when love is on the menu. #TeamBeautiful caught up with newlywed, Kelly Rowland and “Love Apparatus” crooner, Jesse Boykins III for a love therapy session.

    The results are an epic conversation about love, lust and everything in between friendship to exclusivity. Check out what Kelly and Jesse have to say. I promise, they will change the way you look at your relationship!

    HelloBeautiful: What do you think of men who get involved with their significant others’ female drama?

    Kelly Rowland: Stay out. It’s called female drama for a reason unless you have a vagina.

    JB: There needs to be that masculine energy in a pit of female energy. Sometimes, things are a little irrational or way out of context. I feel like it’s a feminine thing to visualize something that could happen next and stop it from happening when it’s like, that’s not how it has to happen, you just visualize what you want to happen. I feel like as a man, I always try to put things in perspective as best as I can and bring more than just her perspective because I feel like a lot of times, when a woman is telling someone else about their woes, it’s not always the truth.

    HB: Do you think that men and women can be friends and friends alone?

    KR: I don’t mind that as a matter of fact. I think that there’s boundaries and that your spouse has to know that and you have to know that and respect that.

    JB: I’ve been friends with a number of women I’m highly attracted to and we verbalized that on many occasions and we never stepped into any of those realms because they know me. They know my growth and my progression of being who I am to who I was before. I know that when someone knows you really, really well, it’s super easy for them to fall in love with you. It’s too easy, so I rather have that aspect be left out and value someone’s friendship and companionship and understanding.

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