Jay-Z and Beyonce have said all they’re going to say about Cartergate, but Beyonce and lil’ sis Solange Knowles are good now because Beyonce posted a pic on her Instagram of the two together in New Orleans on Saturday. We know it was on Saturday because the date was the only caption. Nope, you’re not getting any more out of this family.



Now back to their regularly scheduled programming, B and Jay let us in on their thug alter egos in their star-studded trailer for their “On The Run” tour, which kicks off in Miami on June 25.

We don’t know what’s really good, or hood with the duo, but the trailer, featuring Sean Penn, Jake Gyllenhall, Blake Lively, Kidada and Rashida Jones, and Don Cheadle looks hot. Check it out.

Are Jay and B all good these days? Are you heading out to the On The Run tour? Let us know…

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(Photo: Beyonce IG)


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