How To Travel Stress-Free With Natural Hair! [ORIGINAL]

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    Just the thought of trying to make it through airport security is enough to make you cringe – let alone trying to do it with natural hair. “What will I do with my hair while I’m away?” “How will I transport all my products?” If these questions are running through your mind, follow these tips to make your travel experience as a naturalista a stress-free one!

    Buy small containers

    Let’s get over the fact we can’t take our 16 oz. jar of coconut oil with us on the plane. Unfortunately, liquid products are something airports do not play around with. According to the TSA web site, each passenger is only permitted to bring liquids 3.4 oz. on the plane. To avoid arguing with TSA, buy small travel sized containers. Fill them each with your daily products you will need on your trip.

    This rule only applies if you are using a carry-on. If you are traveling a long distance or for an extended amount of time, checking your bag is highly suggested. When you check your bag you can bring anything you want! So if you want to bring everything you own, go for it! Just know that checking your bag does cost money, so check with your airline to see their bag policy.

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    Do not wear bobby pins

    Do not, I repeat, do not wear any type of pin in your hair. Natural girls love bobby pins, but unfortunately this is not going to go well for you traveling on a plane. I made the mistake one time and had to go through additional security (which was not fun). I’m a firm believer we need to focus more on people getting on the plane with legit weapons, and not bobby pins, but to make your life easier just don’t wear them.

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