Baby Mamas Taser Baby Daddy Over Latest Girlfriend

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  • martinandlittlejohnTabitha Martin (pictured left) and Courtney Littlejohn (pictured) were both charged with domestic violence for allegedly tag-tasering and beating up their baby daddy, Rodrick Tucker, because he has a new girlfriend, according to The Smoking Gun.

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    A Spartanburg, South Carolina, police report states that Martin invited Tucker to her apartment on Tuesday.  The 21-year-old man, who is the Father of Martin’s child, told officers that his former lady-love then allegedly lured him in to her bedroom.

    Once Tucker was lying on the bed, Littlejohn, his other baby mama, suddenly appeared and the young man then reportedly knew that he was not going to be indulging in anything pleasurable.

    According to Tucker, he was allegedly yanked off the bed by the women and then repeatedly pummeled by them about his face and torso.   The 23-year-olds reportedly beat him with a vengeance as Tucker tried to exit his torturous holding pen.

    Tucker did manage to make it out of the bedroom, but then got knocked down on to the floor.  At this point, Tucker told authorities that Littlejohn sat on top of him so that he wouldn’t escape. Then pair allegedly whipped out stun-guns and tasered him several times. Desperate, the young man ran toward his baby. Tucker then told police he picked up the child to use it as a human shield in the hopes that the crazed pair would stop tasering him.

    Tucker was dead wrong!

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