Kanye Is Definitely Rubbing Off On Kim! She Goes On Another Rant About Racism & Discrimination

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    It looks like Kim Kardashian didn’t know that racism was “still alive” until she started dating Mr. West and had a mixed-race baby. The reality star let a few frustrations off her chest in a blog post on Wednesday, where she admitted, “To be honest, before I had North, I never really gave racism or discrimination a lot of thought.”

    “It is obviously a topic that Kanye is passionate about, but I guess it was easier for me to believe that it was someone else’s battle” she wrote. “But recently, I’ve read and personally experienced some incidents that have sickened me and made me take notice. I realize that racism and discrimination are still alive, and just as hateful and deadly as they ever have been.”

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    The soon-to-be Mrs. West went on to say that she feels like it’s her “responsibility as a mother, a public figure, a human being, to do what I can to make sure that not only my child, but all children, don’t have to grow up in a world where they are judged by the color of their skin, or their gender, or their sexual orientation.”

    “I want my daughter growing up in a world where love for one another is the most important thing,” Kim continued. “So the first step I’m taking is to stop pretending like this isn’t my issue or my problem, because it is, it’s everyone’s.”

    Check out her full post below and share your thoughts in the comment section.

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    I never knew how much being a mom would change me. It’s amazing how one little person and the love I have for her has brought new meaning to every moment. What once seemed so important, now feels insignificant. It’s like I get to see the world for the first time again, but through someone else’s eyes. It’s a beautiful thing to feel and experience so much more, but with that beauty comes a flip side – seeing through my daughter’s eyes the side of life that isn’t always so pretty.

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