A Swimming Pool In NY’s East River? It Might Happen, Say Planners

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Supporters can also sponsor one of the pool’s 70,000 tiles for $25, $199 or $249. If each is sponsored, Coates said, it would cover the $15 million cost to build the pool.

The pool team said it is testing and improving the filtration system using a floating laboratory at Pier 40 in the Hudson River. They said they are also monitoring the river and are partnering with Google to launch an online app broadcasting water quality data in real time. It’s an East River in need of a public relations and environmental makeover.

It’s smelly, dirty and, whenever sewage and storm water back up, dangerous. And, it has a place in city lore as a supposed dumping ground for the cement-shoed victims of mob hits.

The television series Seinfeld took a good-natured swipe at the river in a 1997 episode when wacky neighbor character Kramer tried swimming in the East River’s rapid currents and was confused for a dead body. Wong said the Plus Pool, if realized, would be open to all, with sections for children, loungers and avid lap swimmers. It may carry a small admission fee or sponsorships to cover the cost of maintenance and compensation for lifeguards, he said.

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