Getting The Education And Care We Deserve: What You Need To Know And Do This Week

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    1. Don’t Do Depression Alone!

    This week the media world mourns the death of Karyn Washington, the 22-year-old writer of the popular motivational blog “For Brown Girls.”

    Brown, who began the blog three years ago aimed at helping women of darker skin complexions to love and accept themselves, is said to have committed suicide on April 8th. Friends say that, privately, Washington had been battling depression and mental illness, made worse by the passing of her mother in 2013.

    One of the movements Washington will best be remembered for was her empowering “Dark Skin, Red Lip” project, where she encouraged sistas to wear whatever shade of red lipstick made them feel the most beautiful.

    Fans of the beloved blogger are using her death as an opportunity shine a much-needed light on mental health in the Black community, encouraging anyone else suffering from depression to seek help. The National Association for Mental Illness is a recommended resource for help within the African American community. You can even get referrals to therapists of color there.

    2. More Murders in Chicago: Illinois Must Approve New Policies To End Gun Violence 

    And Karyn’s family, friends and fans aren’t the only ones in mourning. A group of Chicago parents are mourning the loss of their children today after 4 young people were shot and killed and 33 inured over the weekend there.

    One of the injured is a 25-year-old mother of two who is clinging to life support with two bullets lodged in her brain.

    This latest crime spree lasted 36 hours – from Friday afternoon into early Sunday – in what police believe may have been a series of gang-related shootings in the West Woodlawn, South Shore and Washington Park neighborhoods.

    So when will this devastating years-long barrage of violence stop plaguing families of color in the Windy City, you ask?

    When, according to Chicago Police superintendent Garry McCarthy, Illinois overhauls it’s “lax state and federal gun laws” – taking a ridiculous number of guns and criminals off the streets.

    Illinois, get to it.

    The lives of our loved ones depends on it.

    3. Post-Tuskegee, Black Folks Heavily Recruited to Join Clinical Trials

    The lives of millions of Black folk may also depend on how many of us sign up to participate in clinical trials.

    Life-saving research studies on human volunteers designed to answer specific health questions, contrary to popular beliefs — largely shaped by Blacks’ mistrust over legendary experiments like the Tuskegee Syphilis Study — clinical trials are said to be the safest and most effective way to find treatments that work in people as well as develop new ways to improve our health.

    The trials were a hot topic over the weekend at the National Association of Black Journalists Media Institute on Health, Health Policy and Health Inequities in Washington, D.C.

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