Facebook is rolling out a new tool that allows its users to track their friends in real time.

Currently, the Facebook mobile app lets you share your general or specific location with friends. That in itself can seem a bit invasive and has even proved to be dangerous. Even still, the social media outlet has plans to make it easier to set up spontaneous coffee dates with friends or to let a worried parent know when you have arrived at your destination.

Creepy much? Yes. But the semi good news is that Facebook knows that being able to see exactly where your friends are at any time isn’t a feature that everyone wants. And so it has built a couple of key features into the app to make sure that users can control who’s seeing their information, when they can see it and how specific the information is.

That means that users won’t have to turn it on at all if they’re not interested in sharing their location or seeing where their friends are. If you don’t want to use it, it will just be an option on your regular account settings that you never open.

Still…something doesn’t sound right about the option.

What do you think? Will you be using the feature to randomly surprise your friends? Is this a little invasive?

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